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Youth Engagement in Politics

“There are growing concerns that young people are becoming more and more disengaged from their communities.”

 “Reports say that young people have a “distinct lack of interest in politics compared with older adults”

The above quotes are quotes that the media use when describing the role of young people in society, and, without denial, they are quotes that I too have used.

Nevertheless, I also know that the matter of fact is that there are young people who the word “apathy” doesn’t describe at all, quite the opposite.

In addition, there is substantial evidence that the quotes are inaccurate; it was interesting to find out that this year’s Worcestershire Youth Cabinet election turnout percentage mirrored that of the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner elections, at 14%.

In Worcestershire there are lots of organisations that actively challenge the view that young people are typically apathetic.

Ever since its inception, Worcestershire Youth Cabinet has been enthusiastically & energetically working hard to achieve a more fairer and positive recognition of youths in our society. As such, Worcestershire Youth Cabinet has built a strong relationship with councillors, citizens and young people across the county - it is only right that this is supported long into the future.

Not only engaging with young people to make an active change to their communities, Worcestershire Youth Cabinet goes much further in inspiring young people to have a keen interest in the community, and equipping them with the can do attitude’ attitude.

This ‘can do’ attitude installs confidence in young people and encourages them to reach their full potential by working with others to make an active change for the better.

A study at Exeter University finishes saying in opposition to the common stereotype of a politically apathetic generation, there are young people who are interested in political affairs and that more needs to be done to help young people see the potential value in engaging in politics through seeing that local councillors, businesses and politicians are sincerely motivated to listen to their voices, and act upon them. ~ what are your thoughts?

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